Newest Style Led Bulbs (hs-lb-b60-5x1p)

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Color Tempt: 2800~3300K 5500~6800K Color Rendering
  • Life-span: 2 years
  • Power: 6W
  • Bright-colored
  • Color Tempt: 2800~3300K 5500~6800K Color Rendering

Product Details

Technical Features:

LED bulb light HS-LB-B60-5*1P
1. LED bulb
2. Color Tempt: 2800~3300K 5500~6800K Color Rendering
3. Life-span: 2 years
4. Power: 6W
5. Bright-colored
6. Size:

Product Features:
1. Bright-colored, red, green, blue, white and multicolored for your option;
2. Greening Lighting, energy saving, environmental friendly.

Practical Application:
1. Hotel room, supermarket, meeting room;
2. Exterior decoration, city greening project;
3. Exhibition room, public lighting;
4. Advertising decoration, show window lighting;
5. Furniture decoration;
6. Other comercial lighting;

1, Please switch off before installation to avoid electric shock during installation;
2, Please use the proper electric power source, operational voltage should not beyond the designated range;
3. This product cover is fragile.

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Newest Style Led Bulbs (hs-lb-b60-5x1p)
Newest Style Led Bulbs (hs-... Technical Features:LED bulb light HS-...