Binocular Gem Microscope XZB-02

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  • XZB Series Gem Microscope has high definition and high resolution rate of solid image

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XZB Series Gem Microscope has high definition and high resolution rate of solid image, the structure of Trinocular viewing body provides special interface. Magnification range: zoom magnification 7×~45×, working distance: 95mm, super wide-field eyepiece 10×/23mm, adjustable interpupillary range: 55~75mm.
   The connection method of lamp tube is easy to adjust the angle of illumination. Focusing range: 125mm, it can observe for different size gem and sample. The character of steel clamp is moderate to hold hard,conveniently. Due to it can reduce to cover the beam of gem haunch, so that you can observe entirely. The both sides of working stage have fixing holes of gem clamp, therefore, it can adjust the high and angle of observation spot and operate more conveniently & comfortably. The illumination equipment is very reasonably. Optional accessories could be supplied steel and flat gem clamp, which can be selected by user. You can observe well the crystal character of inside and outside of Gem structure when you use the polarizer. It can be satisfy for different requirements. Specifications:                                                                                                                                                                            Total Zoom Magnification: 7X-45X
Interpupillary Adjustable Range: 55mm~75mm
Eyepiece: Super Wide-field WF10×/23mm
Working Distance: 95mm
Illumination: 110V,220V/12V 10W halogen bulb with adjustable brightness
The microscope's post could be tilted.

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